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Introducing our Masterclass Series.
A world of pet education,
conservation and exploration.

Our goal is to facilitate and empower

both current and prospective pet owners, setting them up with the tools and knowledge required to successfully care
for a variety of pets. Our Masterclasses  are all-in-one learning experiences that are both educational and enthralling. 

Explore our collection of Masterclasses

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Everything you need to know to love and care for the iconic bearded dragon. Over two hours of engaging content, broken down into easy to digest chapters.

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One of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. This masterclass includes over two hours of engaging content, showcasing just how beautiful these unique animals are!

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Turtles truly are fascinating! Creatures of this stature unsurprisingly carry very specific requirements. This masterclass includes over two hours of comprehensive content.



Are you ready to become a frog fanatic? Buckle in and embark on an enchanting journey into the remarkable world of frogs. This Masterclass includes over 2.5 hours of engaging content!

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"I love sharing my knowledge about reptiles and all animals with anyone that's willing to listen." 

Join Ben as he takes you on a learning journey like no other. Together, you will dive headfirst into the wonderful world of reptiles, exploring everything you could possibly need to know to love and care for the dinosaurs of today. 

Ben has devoted his entire life to animals and can't wait to share his knowledge and passion with you. It's Ben's vision to encourage the responsible treatment of animals and nurture the conservationists of tomorrow.

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Dr Robert Johnson FAVA BVSc MANZCVS CertZooMed BA

I have looked at the course. It is quite extensive and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any prospective reptile owner, and existing ones!

Dr Harry Cooper OAM

The people who know what they're talking about; the people at Kellyville Pets.

Dan Rumsey, Head of Reptiles & Spiders, Australian Reptile Park

If you are considering keeping reptiles/amphibians at home or you may already be doing so and just want to improve your own knowledge, I could not think of a better place to start than with the Kellyville Pets Masterclass sessions. 

What our customers SAY

Excellent production quality. Ben was a very good presenter. His knowledge and enthusiasm showed throughout but was never over the top nor condescending. Perfect. 

This is such a great class. I can't recommend it highly enough! Useful and interesting information, and the most beautiful video images and a range of gorgeous pythons. Such a good purchase, and great value since you can come back to the classes and revisit them anytime. 

Very easy to understand, I have completed three animal science TAFE courses and none of them explained turtle care in this much detail. Highly recommend! 

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