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The Importance of Reptile Heating

When Winter is in full swing it’s quite easy for us to rug up on a cold day,
but when Keeping Bearded Dragons Warm In Winteryour pet is a reptile, how can you make sure they keep warm in these colder months?!

Well, the first step is to understand the specific requirements of the reptile you own, as each species has its own preferred body temperature.
Reptiles are ectothermic, put simply this means they are the same temperature as their surroundings. For example if your enclosure is 10 degrees, your reptile will be 10 degrees and if your enclosure is 40 degrees, your reptile will be 40 degrees.

In the wild, every aspect of their daily lives is governed by the sun. In captivity we need to ensure we are providing the same elements, resulting in the healthiest, happiest individual as possible!

Heat is essential for a range of bodily functions, it aids with digestion, drives the immune system and provides energy.
As responsible pet owners we need to provide our reptiles with access to heat. They will require a thermal gradient (a warm end and a cool end) within their enclosure so they can comfortably regulate their own body temperature.

The biggest struggle people find is keeping their reptiles warm overnight, when temperatures here in Sydney can fall into the minus, its essential to ensure a night time source of heat is offered.

We recommend using a ceramic heat emitter as they provide heat without light, making sure your reptile is still able to sleep.
Heat mats can also be used as they provide a surface area that is warm, but keep in mind it will not change the ambient air temperature like a ceramic heat emitter will.  
Always have any heating elements controlled by a thermostat so that the enclosure is never too hot or cold.

Here at Kellyville Pets our passionate Reptile staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure your reptile makes it through these colder months without any issues.