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How to Find a Luxurious Bed for Your Pet

How to Find a Luxurious Bed for Your Pet

Your cat deserves a warm, sheltered place to sleep this winter. With the amount of different types of pet beds available it can seem a little confusing when you are looking to buy one. Especially when the stakes are high. Cats are well known for their particular and peculiar ways, and there’s a chance that if you get the wrong pet bed you could find your fur baby snuggled into their favourite cardboard box or sleeping with you on the bed. To make life easier, Bupa Pet Insurance recently called upon some of Australia’s leading pet suppliers to bring you advice on picking a pet bed as well as suggestions for some of the premier pods, beds, mats and blankets out there.

Read the full article, 'Spoil Your Dog or Cat with a Luxury Pet Bed', to get some great recommendations or read on for some extra advice about the types of cats beds available to choose from!

Different Types of Beds for Cats

Nice and simple, a round or circular cup cat bed enables your pet to curl up and retain their body heat. These beds are usually made from fabric. Some are more plush than others (cats do like their little luxuries) and they come in all different sizes. Pads are like flat cushions and can be placed on a chair or sofa to provide a soft, warm surface and protect your furniture from your cat’s hair. 

Pod beds and cat caves are more enclosed and ball-like; they can be off the ground on a stand to keep them off the cold winter floor. Anything that’s closed in can help cats feel more secure and protected in their sleep. Following a similar philosophy, cat cribs hang between the legs of a chair like a hammock and are fantastic space-savers if you have more than one cat.

Also available are heated beds, igloos, window perches that attach to the windowsill, beds that mimic human chaise lounges, sofas and armchairs for a novelty effect, and multi-level cat trees for cats to sleep and scratch their claws. In short, the world’s your oyster when it comes to options. Which bed you choose really depends on your cat’s age, how warm they like to be, their size and preference.

When it comes to choosing a bed for your cat or kitten, consider the Cat Cubby Cave and Cat Igloo. These beds are pyramid shaped to help your cat feel safe and cosy. The 100% sheep wool Cat Pod Bed, which is handmade in Nepal, is another great option if your feline friend loves to feel snuggled and warm in a safe enclosure. When you are looking around, take into consideration whether you will want to wash it in the machine or whether you will simply replace it when the time comes.

Kellyville Pets in Beaumont Hills, NSW, has a fantastic range of beds for both dogs and cats. As the article by Bupa says about us, ‘You’re spoilt for choice at Kellyville Pets. Ask one of the friendly staff to help you choose the best sleeping pad for the back of the car, kennel for outdoor dogs or mattress for those furry friends who love to sprawl. No matter what kind of pet you have or what size, you’re bound to find a bed they will adore.’

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