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Cavoodle Breed Information


Family Suitability:

Cavoodles are suited to any family. As they do not require much exercise, they are fine to live in houses with small backyards or even apartments. Their kind and gentle nature means they are fantastic around children of all ages, which is one of the reasons they have quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia.

At Kellyville Pets we love our animal friends and are committed to matching owners with the right pet and providing customers with unsurpassed advice, service and selection of products. This is our way of ensuring our animals have the best possible start in their new home with you.

All cavoodle puppies for sale come microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and flea treated. Every puppy comes with a 14 day health guarantee and a 7 day cooling off period as part of our standard policies and procedures. You will also receive a FREE vet check and FREE 4 weeks pet insurance!

All our puppies come from approved and accredited breeders.

Cavoodle Breed Information:

Cavoodle Breed History:

The Cavoodle is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle – this ‘purpose-bred’ cross breed has been very popular for about 15 years. Purpose bred cross breeding is nothing new and has been done for centuries with many pure bred dogs being cross bred with other breeds for coat and/or temperament to make a new breed. 

Cavoodle Size/Weight:

Height: 28-35cm, Weight: 5-10kg

Cavoodle Life Span:

12-16 years

Cavoodle Temperament:

Cavoodles are renowned for their gentle nature. They are an easy going, playful and sociable breed. The Cavoodle is an intelligent dog that loves human companionship and enjoys any attention you can give them. Due to their gentle nature they make a fantastic family dog, excellent with children and, as long as they have been socialised well, generally have no issues with other dogs. Whether its playing fetch in the backyard or curling up on your lap to watch television of an evening, Cavoodles will be happy as long as they're with you.

Cavoodle Grooming:

Grooming requirements for Cavoodles depend on their coat type. The Cavoodles with more curly, poodle like coats will need to be brushed every second day, while the Cavoodles with the straighter, cavalier like coat will suffice with a couple of brushes a week. During the summer especially, a clip is recommended every 6-8 weeks. Like all dog breeds with floppy ears, Cavoodles need to have their ears properly dried after their bath, and regularly checked to avoid infections. Depending on the generation of the Cavoodle, their amounts of shedding may vary. In first generation Cavoodles, the puppy can side genetically more with one parent than the other, this means that if they look more like a straight, cavalier coat they are more likely to still shed and if they side with the curlier, poodle coat there is generally little to no shedding. From second generation onwards, the poodle coat becomes more prominent and the puppies are likely to be low to non-shedding.

Cavoodle Exercise Requirements:

As Cavoodles are not a very high energy dog, they don't need the strict exercise regime some other breeds do. A good walk a few times a week is generally enough, however if living in an apartment they would probably benefit from a walk every 1-2 days.

Where do our puppies come from?

Where do our puppies come from?