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Where do our puppies come from?

Where do our puppies come from?

At Kellyville Pets we encourage people to ask us questions and gather more information as to where our puppies come from. We welcome the recent spotlight on this issue as we strongly believe if everyone was responsible enough to ask this question before any other it would be a huge step forward for better welfare for all companion animals, particularly dogs & puppies.

Our store

Our store is voluntarily audited via Animal Welfare League so that we can ensure we remain compliant with Animal Welfare codes, but we mostly strive to exceed them.

Our breeders

All of our puppies come from known breeders who have to undergo an annual vet audit. For many years we have supplied all of our breeders' details to RSPCA and AWL so that they can carry out random audits. 100% of our puppies are micro chipped by the breeder which provides a lifetime tractability to where they were born.

Our staff members also pay visits to our regular breeders so we can see first hand the homes our puppies grew up in. We meet the breeding dogs and check that they are happy and healthy. We continually work with our breeders to provide a high standard of care and living conditions for all of their dogs so we can feel comfortable that all dogs and puppies that arrive in our store are being treated humanely and ethically.

All of our puppies come from approved breeders (please read our Dog Lifetime Policy here that explains approved breeders into further detail).


Kellyville Pets Breeder Visits

Above: Our Managing Director along with staff members at their recent breeder visit.

At Kellyville Pets, the long term health and well being of our puppies is very important to us. All of our puppies are micro-chipped in the breeder's name before they come to us and we have each puppy inspected by our vet and a 10 point report is forwarded with all of our puppies. This report will remain with the puppy until it finds its new forever home. We also provide health guarantees and expert staff who will help people make the right choice, even if its not to buy a puppy.

Our managing Director has recently joined PIAA as a retail director to help improve the standards within the pet industry. We believe and encourage government to regulate the industry by licensing all breeders and pet shops to raise revenue for enforcement agencies such as RSPCA to perform inspections and to stamp out puppy farms. We support tighter restrictions around the breeding and trading of dogs and other companion pets.

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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