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Click here to read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

LSREPT Invertebrates For Sale | Sydney NSW

Kellyville Pets has one of Australia's largest ranges of native invertebrates as well as an expert team on hand with many years experience keeping and breeding a wide variety of species. Australia is home to many diverse species of invertebrate and these truly fascinating creatures make unique pets. 

Kellyville Pets has literally hundreds of live invertebrates in-store including a wide range of scorpion species, tarantulas (also known as bird eating spiders), giant centipedes, giant millipedes, giant burrowing cockroaches, stick insects (phasmids), praying mantis, giant panda snails and even beetles such as rhinoceros and rainbow stag beetles. 

All invertebrates available at Kellyville Pets come with a Health Guarantee as well as expert advice and assistance to get properly set up and care for them and even breed them long term. All our invertebrates are either captive bred, or sourced ethically and sustainably through licensed invertebrate collectors around the country. 

Come in-store and see our amazing invertebrate range and displays and learn more about these amazing creatures from our expert team. We are able to ship some invertebrates around the country, so please contact our friendly reptile staff to find out how we can send an invertebrate to you.