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Today, Hill's Pet Nutrition carries on the tradition of caring that began in 1939 with one remarkable veterinarian.


Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. believed certain health conditions in pets could be managed through carefully formulated nutrition. His ideas were visionary in veterinary medicine, and he soon had the chance to prove his theory.

A young blind man named Morris Frank asked Dr. Morris if anything could be done to help his guide dog, Buddy, who was having kidney health issues. The result of Dr. Morris' efforts was the nutritional formulation that became the first product in the Hill's Prescription Diet line of therapeutic pet foods, and the world's first pet food designed for kidney health. Soon after, Hill's Pet Nutrition was founded and the field of clinical nutrition sprang to life. That first therapeutic dog food evolved into Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ k/d™, which is still sold today.

The Hill's Pet Nutritions mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.

Hills believe all animals should be loved and cared for during their lifetimes. That's why they're proud their pet foods can make a difference in your pet's life.

The Hill's vision is to lead the premium segment of the pet food market worldwide through their position as the recognized global leader in nutritional health care for companion animals.

In other words, Hill's, like their founder Dr. Mark Morris Sr., believe that pet nutrition is vital to pets living long, healthy lives. Hill's want the world to know that their pet foods are the best pet foods a pet owner can buy.

Their leadership extends beyond Superior Nutrition For the Lifelong Health of Your Pet™. Hill’s is also a pioneer in practicing the highest ethical standards.

Continuous nutritional research and innovation feeds their relentless search for the best nutritional formulas benefiting dogs and cats.

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