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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Hills Science Diet Dog Food

Science Diet™ Pet Food is pet nutrition formulated for overall health and wellness of your Dog. At Kellyville Pets you will find Hills Dog food online at best prices for fast delivery to your door. 

Hills Dog food is the right food for your puppy, adult dog or senior dog. As in humans, a dog's body and daily activity levels change with age.

Precise Nutrition for Every Lifestage
Whether you have a new puppy or the dog you've loved for years, caring for your pet properly ensures many happy years together. Hills also make a range of prescription diets for dogs available from your vet.

Belly Upset: Soothing Your Dog's Sensitive Stomach
Just like people, dogs can experience occasional stomach upset. Hills Sensitive Stomach Dog food range is perfect for your dog with an upset or sensitive stomach.

Your Overweight Dog: When Bigger Isn't Better
Did you know being just 20% overweight puts a dog at risk for developing many serious health issues? Does your doge need to loose weight? Hills range of light dog food will help you achieve your dog's weight goal. 

How Much and How Often to Feed Your Adult Dog
It's important to feed your older dog the right amount of food at proper intervals, but that can be tricky, as feeding requirements vary greatly from one dog to another.

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