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Jug Breed Information:

The Jug is quickly becoming one of Australia’s more popular designer breeds due to their robust nature, outgoing temperaments and minimal health issues when compared to the pure bred Pug. The Jug is a cross between the Jack Russell and the Pug.  Small and stocky, the Jug is quickly becoming a very popular choice for anyone looking for a great little companion.  Jugs usually have a short coat unless crossed with a rough coated Jack Russell. Often Jugs will have a round apple shaped head with a muzzle that is shorter than a Jack Russell’s but longer than that of a Pug. Jugs usually have Pug-like ears and a curly tail.  This gives the Jug a “puggish” look without the health issues of breeds with extremely short faces.  Jugs make adorable, loving companions and are great little family dogs with huge personalities.

Jug Size:

Height: 25-35cm, Weight: 5-10kg

Jug Life Span:

12-15 years

Jug Temperament:

Jugs are a playful, confident and happy breed. They tend to be friendly with other dogs and good with children, given they are properly socialised as a puppy. Outgoing and sure of themselves, Jugs are affectionate individuals with a strong personality. Jugs are a very energetic breed, so will need firm and consistent training from their owners.

Jug Grooming:

Jugs will require a brush once or twice a week. It is important to keep their nails trimmed to avoid impairing their walking ability, and to regularly check their eyes, ears and wrinkles to keep them clean and healthy.

Jug Exercise Requirements:

Jugs will require a daily walk as well as lots of play time at home to spend their energy. If they are an outgoing and well socialised dog it is also a good idea to take them to parks or other pet friendly areas, where they can have social interaction with other dogs and people.

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