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Pomeranian Breed Information:

Although the Pomeranian only weighs from 2-5kg, this lively little dog has a personality the size of Australia!

The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family of dogs, which includes the samoyed, Alaskan Malamute and Norweigan Elkhound, among others.

Poms take their name from the province of Pomerania, in Germany. They became especially popular when Queen Victoria allowed some of her Pomeranians to be shown in a conformation show, the first Pomeranians ever to be shown.

Pomeranian Size:

Height: 20-30cm, Weight: 2-5kg

Pomeranian Life Span:

12-16 years

Pomeranian Temperament:

Pomeranian’s have a fairly good temperament. They make excellent companion dogs, and are known for their lively, proud and sometimes even ‘bossy’ personalities.  Pomeranian's will both demand and give affection to anyone who they trust. They are an alert breed that likes to know what’s going on around them and relish being the center of attention. If they are not properly socialised with other people, children and dogs while they are puppies they can become over-protective, unsociable and sometimes even aggressive. The Pomeranian is a breed that may not always get along with other dogs, however this completely depends on the individual dog and their upbringing. They can sometimes prove a little difficult to train due to their strong willed personalities, so the best approach is generally with treats, positive reinforcement and affection. As Pomeranians are known to be quite vocal at times, it is important that they are taught from an early age that barking is not okay. If it is an issue that develops it is essential that it is dealt with before it becomes a habit.

Pomeranian Grooming:

Pomeranians will require brushing a few times a week, to ensure their fur does not tangle and matt. During the warmer months it is a good idea to have them professionally groomed and clipped back so they do not overheat. This should be done every 6-8 weeks while it’s hot. It is important to keep their nails trimmed to avoid impairing their walking ability, and to regularly check their eyes and ears to keep them clean and healthy.

Pomeranian Exercise Requirements:

As Pomeranians are such a small breed, they require minimal exercise unless they are experiencing weight problems. A walk a few times a week as well as play time at home is generally sufficient. 

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