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Click here to read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
Click here to read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Puppies for Sale | Kellyville Pets Sydney


Pet sales are by appointment only, so please call our friendly staff on 02 8834 0308 during business hours to make a booking. 

At Kellyville Pets we love our animal friends and are committed to matching owners with the right pet and providing customers with unsurpassed advice, service and selection of products. This is our way of ensuring our animals have the best possible start in their new home with you.

Where do our puppies come from?

We keep information on all of our breeders, puppies that we re-home and the details of their new owners along with their microchip number. All of our puppies are microchipped before they come to us so can always be traced back to us and the breeder they have come from. We offer a lifetime re-homing policy and we ask any customer of ours that finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to care for their dog any longer, contact us, the RSPCA or the Animal Welfare League so we can start the re-homing process.

Our Puppy Promise We ensure that:
  • Dogs purchased from Kellyville Pets are sourced from responsible breeders whose operations are subject to independent audit each year. Read about where we get our puppies from here
  • Any dog purchased from Kellyville Pets that becomes unwanted or abandoned at any age is re-homed.

This means you can purchase with confidence from us, knowing that your dog is not the product of a puppy farm and that should the dog become unwanted at any point in its lifetime, Kellyville Pets will ensure the dog is re-homed.

To find out more about our accredited breeders and to read our entire Dog Lifetime Guarantee, please click here.

Types of puppies available

The breeds of dogs we have varies as we source our puppies from a range of breeders. The breeds we have had include Cavoodles, Spoodles, Moodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Schnoodles, Schnauzers, Beagaliers and Dachshunds.

Please visit us to meet our puppies or call us 02 9629 3282

Our puppies also come with a FREE vet check and FREE pet insurance for 4 weeks for you. Please note that we do not ship puppies interstate. We are situated about 45 minutes drive from Sydney CBD in the Hills District.