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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Snakes For Sale | Sydney NSW

At Kellyville Pets we love our animal friends and are committed to matching owners with the right pet and providing customers with unsurpassed advice, service and selection of products. This is our way of ensuring our animals have the best possible start in their new home with you.

Looking for Reptiles for sale in Sydney?

All of our reptiles for sale come with a 14 day health guarantee and a 7 day cooling off period as part of our standard policies and procedures. Purchasing a reptile in NSW requires you to hold a current reptile keepers licence. A reptile license costs approximately $60 for 2 years and $120 for 5 years and any Class 1 reptile species can be kept on this permit. A companion reptile keepers licence can also be obtained costing $45 for 5 years, however only one individual animal can be kept on this licence. Reptile Licences can be obtained online at OneGov or in store.

Kellyville Pets is one of the longest trading and largest reptile shops online and has a huge range of native reptile species available. We can cater for beginner reptile keepers through to experienced reptile enthusiasts. Just some of the lizards for sale available in store include: Central Bearded Dragon (Pagona vitticeps) (with variations including Red phase, yellow phase, hypo's, leatherbacks and translucents), Pygmy Bearded Dragon or Dwarf Bearded Dragon (Pagona henrylawsonii), Eastern Blue Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) (with variations including melanistic and albino), Smooth Knob Tail Gecko (Nephrurus levis) and Thick Tail Gecko (Nephrurus milii).

In Australia it is against the law to keep exotic reptiles (non native to Australia). This is to ensure the protection and safety of our amazing native species of reptiles. Some illegal exotics include: Chameleons, Iguanas, Red eared Slider turtles, Corn snakes and Ball Pythons.

Please also note that we do not ship reptiles intestate. We are situated about 45 minutes drive from Sydney CBD.