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Heritage Chicken Breed Information | Kellyville Pets

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This information page will provide you with knowledge pertaining to Heritage Chickens.

Natural Immune System Booster:

A mixture of greek yoghurt, mashed banana and raspberry juice makes a great, antioxidant rich weekly treat.

Easy Enrichment Activity:

Try presenting your hens with half a raw pumpkin. This will keep them occupied if cooped or distracted while introducing a new chicken. On hot days the pumpkin can be substituted with a watermelon.

Natural Worm Preventative:

Adding garlic to your chickens vegetable mix is a great way of aiding in worm prevention. This should be used in conjunction with a medicinal wormer.

Egg Enhancement:

By feeding organic pellets with a minimum 15% protein content, you will enhance both the quality and taste of the eggs your hens produce. The addition of shell grit will also ensure your hens produce strong eggs that wont break while laying.


One stand out benefit for Heritage Chickens is that they are not hybridised. Most hybrid chickens were originally crossbred to improve efficiency in battery farms. The main objectives of this hybridisation were to improve sociability and increase egg production. While improved sociability is undoubtedly a positive, improved egg production becomes the chickens downfall.

All hens have a finite amount of eggs that can be produced in their lifetime. A hybridised Isa Brown hen can produce 300+ eggs a year, which often means they cease producing eggs entirely by 2 years of age. The shutting down of their reproductive system also weakens their immune system, making them increasingly prone to illness.

Heritage Chickens however lay for their entire 5-7 year lifespan, maintain strong immune systems with proper care and are available in a range of breeds and colours.

Here at Kellyville Pets we have are proud to offer an excellent range of handpicked Heritage breeds that offer pleasant temperaments, beautiful plumage and good egg production.

Plymouth Rock Chicken Information:

Country of Origin: North America

Point of Lay: 22-26 weeks

Adult Size: 3-4kg

Egg Production: 3-4 eggs per week 

Plymouth Rocks boast an incredible beautifully patterned plumage making them one of the most attractive chicken breeds. They have a wonderful temperament and are highly sociable with people and in mixed flocks. 

Barnevelder Chicken Information:

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Point of Lay: 22 weeks

Adult Size: 2-3kg

Egg Production: 3-6 eggs per week 

Barnevelders are energetic, strong and attractive looking hens. They can be quite shy while young, but once settled will grow into confident hens who produce beautiful chocolate brown eggs.

Araucana Chicken Information:

Country of Origin: South America

Point of Lay: 22 weeks

Adult Size: 1.5-2.5kg

Egg Production: 3-6 eggs per week 

Possessing curious visual traits in the form of ‘beards’ and ‘ear muffs’, Araucanas make an excellent and interesting addition to any backyard. While they have a shy personality, they make up for it with their stunning turquoise coloured eggs.

Wyandotte Chicken Information:

Country of Origin: North America

Point of Lay: 22 weeks

Adult Size: 3-4kg

Egg Production: 3-5 eggs per week 

Popular throughout the world, Wyandottes are a good, well rounded breed. They are prone to broodiness which makes them great mothers, but this should be kept in mind if you only have room for 1-2 hens.


We take great care for the health of our chickens. Thats why all of our chickens come with a 14 day health guarantee, 7 day cooling off period, up-to-date worming and lifetime vaccination against Marek’s disease.


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