Price match

So you've decided to buy a puppy.

Before you make a decision as to where to buy from, please take the time to review our Puppy Buyers Checklist below to ensure you are asking the right questions and to ensure you are not buying from a puppy farm.

Are you looking at buying from someone who answers yes to all of these questions? At Kellyville Pets we do!

  • Does the breeder of your puppy undergo an annual vet audit?
  • Have the breeders details been provided to the RSPCA & AWL?
  • Was your puppy first microchipped in the breeders name to ensure lifetime traceability? (all puppies from Kellyville Pets are microchipped in the breeder's name first)
  • Does your puppy come with a cooling off period?
  • (Kellyville Pets offers a 7 day cooling off period.)
  • Does your puppy come with a lifetime re-homing commitment?
  • (Kellyville Pets has a lifetime re-homing policy on all puppies)
  • Have you been made aware of the importance of having your puppy desexed or are you buying your pet desexed?
  • Was your puppy at least 8 weeks of age before leaving his/her mum?
  • Is your puppy up-to-date with worming, vaccination and flea control?
  • Have you been offered a suitable Puppy Preschool or training program to help train and socialise your puppy?
  • Does your puppy come with a written Health Guarantee?
  • Do you have ongoing support and advice from where you obtained your puppy?