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Prepare for your Puppy Preschool class.

 Thank you for enrolling into our Puppy Preschool course. To help you prepare for your upcoming class, here are a few reminders to help you prepare for your upcoming lesson. 


Important Information

Attendance Limit

Due to the size of our training room and to ensure focused training sessions, we kindly ask that only two people attend the class per enrolled puppy. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we ask for your understanding in creating a favourable learning environment.

Age Restriction

For safety reasons and consideration of the knowledge and training given, we kindly request that there are no children aged 5 and under and that children aged 6-18 must be accompanied by 1 enrolled adult.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or make up lessons to any missed classes throughout the 4-week period. Please ensure you are available and have booked out in your calendar the course time and day for the consecutive four weeks.

How long does the course go for again?

Puppy Preschool will be at the same time, same day, each week for 4 weeks. 

On the day

Don't forget the treats!

Bring some small, soft treats that your puppy loves (BBQ chicken is recommended). These will serve as rewards during training exercises. A treat pouch or bag to hold the treats will also come in handy. If you haven’t managed to buy treats yet, check out these for some inspiration.

You'll want your puppy a little hungry.

Your puppy is going to be more incentivised for their treats if they're a little hungry. Please don't feed them right before class.

You'll need a lead and harness.

Make sure to bring a well-fitted collar or harness along with a leash for your puppy. We kindly ask that no chokers are used in our puppy preschool. It’s important to keep them close to you for good lead manners and for your puppies safety.

Bring your vaccination record along.

Your puppy should have had, at minimum, their first vaccination. Please ensure you bring your puppy's up-to-date vaccination records with you to your first class. This is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all participants.

Arrive 10 minutes early.

To make the most of your 1hr lesson, we’d love to start on time for everyone. If our store is still open, please enter through our doors and head to the back of the store and up the stairs to our training room. However, if your class starts after hours, please patiently wait near our loading dock doors in our carpark, and our staff will guide you through our warehouse and upstairs to begin!

We genuinely appreciate your cooperation and understanding on the above as they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the program and provide the best possible experience for you and your puppy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friend to the Puppy Preschool program soon!

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