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Breeding puppies is a very emotive issue. It is also very expensive. As a result some pet shops and some breeders are willing to take short cuts and compromise both the animal and ultimately the customer. Pet shops can be part of the solution when it comes to eradicating inhumane or unethical puppy breeding practices. 

Like you, pet shops get the majority of puppies they sell from breeders. Ethical pet shops can weed out the bad breeders and the potentially bad owners.  Good pet shops can enforce minimum standards for breeders and ensure that puppies are healthy and happy and that the parent dogs are well treated.

Banning puppy sales in pet shops simply moves the problem to areas like the internet where it is far more difficult to regulate and control the sale of puppies. Not buying from a pet shop also leaves the buyer with far less recourse in the event that the puppy is unhealthy or poorly socialised.

Seeing the puppy in the store gives the consumer the opportunity to see how the pet shop treats the animals in its care, how hygienic the pens are and how well the puppies are socialised.

Good pet shops will welcome questions about their puppies and are transparent about how and where their animals are sourced. Pet shops also have a responsibility to make sure that the potential owners will provide suitable and lasting homes for the animals.    

Before buying a puppy from a pet shop you should ask the following questions:

  • Who is the breeder?
  • Was the puppy vaccinated?
  • Is the puppy microchipped?
  • Does the pet shop guarantee the health of its puppies?
  • Will the pet shop rehome the puppy in the event you cannot care for it anymore?
  • Does the pet shop have doggie training?
  • Does the pet shop have a cooling-off period?
  • Has the pet shop asked you basic questions to determine if you are a good candidate to care for an animal?
  • Did a vet see the puppy before it was made available for sale?

Kellyville Pets developed the B-R-O Approved system to ensure the ethical breeding-retail-ownership of animals. B-R-O Approved measures all parties in the animal-ownership cycle against standards significantly more strenuous than those dictated by law. B-R-O Approved aims to eliminate the ill-treatment of breeder dogs, improve the health of animals offered for sale and ensure that animals do not end up at rescue centres.