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Your first marine aquarium

Your first marine setup does not have to be difficult. Follow these easy tips from the team at Kellyville Pets and you could have an amazing marine aquarium in your house or business in no time.

The first step is to aim for a reasonably large tank. This may feel counter intuitive. Larger setups are more stable as the larger volume of water tends to slow down the rate of change in your aquarium. We recommend starting with a setup such as the Aquareef 400. A dedicated saltwater aquarium like the Aquareef 400 has the advantage of using corrosion resistant materials.  

The damselfish is a great choice for a first time marine aquarium with a Aquareef 400

Aesthetically larger purpose-built kits incorporate storage space that hide some of the equipment like pipes and filters that the marine tank will need. Choosing a marine kit solution takes some of the guess work out of building your marine aquarium. You don’t have to concern yourself with choosing aquarium lights, filter systems or heaters.  Marine aquariums kits like the Aquareef 400 tend to be easier to maintain as they were designed with access and easy maintenance in mind. (Kellyville Pets have an aquarium maintenance team that will service your freshwater or marine aquarium in the Sydney area.)

A word of caution at this stage. Marine aquariums are expensive. It is not worth skimping and trying to save money on components, livestock, water and corals. Small savings are soon erased by fluctuations in your sensitive marine environment that can cost lots of money to fix.

The next requirement in the setting up of your first marine aquarium is patience. It will be four to six long weeks before you can introduce fish and corals to your marine aquarium. Include live rock in your first marine aquarium. Live rock is rock with living bacteria that helps to stabilise your marine environment.  When you choose fish, start with hardier species. Species like blue tangs that are prone to disease and have little tolerance for changes in their water quality are a poor choice for a beginner marine aquarium. Instead choose docile compatible species so that you do not lose fish due to territorial disputes or predation. Also remember that some fish species will eat your coral if you decide to introduce coral to your aquarium.

Great starter fish for a first marine aquarium are clownfish, damselfish, chromis and cardinalfish.

Your patience and wise choices will be richly rewarded by a marine aquarium. Your aquarium is a fulfilling hobby and enriching experience that provides unparalleled beauty and decoration for any house, office or even a retail space.