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Betta Fighter Fish Scientific Name:  Osphronemidae
Betta Fighter Fish Common Name: Fighting fish, Siamese fighting fish, japanese fighting fish.
Betta Fighter Fish Size: 6.5cm
Betta Fighter Fish Diet: Carnivore
Betta Fighter Fish Water Type: Fresh
Betta Fighter Fish Life Span: 2-4 years

Betta Fighter Fish Origin:

The Siamese Fighting Fish is native to the South-East Asian region of Thailand (formerly Siam), Cambodia and Vietnam. It survives in the wild anywhere where still water lies, such as rice paddies, stagnant ponds and road-side drains.

The species attracted its name because of the aggressive nature of the males towards each other. Because the fish are common to very small bodies of water, even water-filled buffalo hoofprints, males must fiercely protect their territory, or lose their breeding ground to a stronger male.
This species of fish also possess a special characteristic which sets it apart from most others. Known as a labyrinthine fish, this animal is able to not only breath through its gills but also through a supplemental breathing structure – the ‘labyrinth’. This structure is located in a chamber above the gills and is well supplied with blood vessels which absorb air gulped-in through the mouth. This enables the fish to survive in oxygen-poor, or even stagnant water.

Betta Fighter Fish colouration:

The ornamental fish are available in just about any colour. They may be solid coloured, half-coloured (called butterfly), piebald or marbled. As with many examples in the animal kingdom, males are more colourful than females and also possess much larger fins. This assists with displaying against other rival males. Tail shape may also vary from round tails, veil tails, single tails, double tails or fringed tails. The fish may also be iridescent all over, partly iridescent or a dull matte.

Betta Fighter Fish Temperament:

Although placid when alone, the males will show extraordinary aggression when together, flaring up their fins and blowing out their gill covers. Males and females will not normally fight, however a male may become aggressive towards the female after she has spawned as he will set out to protect the fry.

Colours will become much more vivid when males display. Special tanks, called “Betta Barracks” are ideal for watching males safely display their finnage. These rectangular tanks have clear dividers between each cell, allowing the fish to see, but not reach each other. For a solitary fish, a mirror inside the tank is useful.
These are tropical, fresh water fish which thrive best in warm temperatures (optimal around 30°C). However, temperate regions of Australia should not really require additional tank heating. A heater may be required if the water temperature drops below 18°C.

Although these fish are able to survive in poor quality water, regular water changes are still required. Change 1/3 of the water each week for a small bowl, 1/4 each month for an aquarium and the entire amount once weekly for a small container.

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