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Click here to read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Pisces Cricket Keeper Kit

SKU 51316

Pisces Cricket keeper has numerous vents to keep the air flowing, giving your crickets a healthy well-aired environment in which to thrive.

The entire lid is removable for cleaning and there is a clear top door that flips open to allow for crickets to be added to your keeper.

When the dispensing tubes are removed, flaps cover the hole to ensure there are no escapees!

The dispensing tubes are designed for the crickets to find refuge inside as they love dark places. This makes catching the crickets for feeding easy and clean – no need to touch the live food. The special transparent cap ends allow you to see when the tubes have insects in them.

Everything you need to keep your crickets alive and fresh for an extended period of time.

Aqua Load Vitamin C and Calcium fortified hydration cube provides insects with a clean and safe water source. Easily handled cubes eliminate drowned insects, unhealthy mouldy sponges and rotting fruit.

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