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Extremely Rare turtle surfaces at Kellyville Pets

Kellyville Pets is now home to a seldom seen albino Murray short-necked turtle.  Albino Short-neck turtles are a natural occurring mutation but because of an extremely low survival rate in the wild they are very rare. The female at Kellyville Pets is the only albino Murry short-neck turtle currently on public display in Australia.

Albinism in turtles is a naturally occurring genetic mutation. Albino turtles have reduced melanin and lack coloured pigments in their skin and shell. The albino turtles have a bright yellow and white shell, white skin and red eyes. In the wild these animals are easy pickings for predators such as birds or fish due to their lack of camouflage.  However, albino turtles thrive in captivity.

Luna, as the Kellyville Pets female is known, was bred by a respected Australian breeder. She is 12 months old. Luna can be viewed in the Kellyville Pets reptile department between 09:00 and 17:30 daily.

For more information, please contact the Reptile Department at Kellyville Pets on (02) 9629 3282. More photos of Alberta are available on Kellyville Pets’ Facebook page 

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