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Puppy Pre-School

No doubt, those who have recently purchased a puppy, have been told by their vet to enroll in a puppy preschool class. But you may have not been told why, so we thought we would explain a little bit more about the importance of puppy preschool.

We believe that enrolling your puppy in a puppy preschool class is one of the most important and responsible first steps of puppy ownership. At the age of 8–16 weeks, your puppy is of an age where socialisation with other puppies is at a critical level. It is at a time where nature intends for pups to start exploring away from their den. What a puppy learns during this age, will affect how it behaves as an adult dog.

Early socialisation with other dogs, people, environments and sounds is extremely important, and puppy classes provide a safe, controlled environment for this to occur. They can help give confidence to a shy, timid puppy who may potentially become a nervous, fear aggressive adult dog, or help you gain control of a boisterous, bossy puppy.

For more information on puppy pre-school or to book into one of our upcoming course dates, please contact our specialist Small Animal Staff on (02) 9629 3282.


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