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Renting with Pets

There’s no denying it’s a tougher market out there for pet owners looking for rental properties. You can, however, help the process along by supplementing your regular rental search (real estate agents and newspapers) with a few key steps.

The Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC), with the support of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the ASAVA, has recently released the brochures, Renting with Pets and Tenants with Pets, along with Pet Application & Agreement Forms.

There is still a stigma that surrounds tenancy with pets, but you can give yourself the best chance to land your next rental by taking positive action and reading
through this ‘Renting with Pets’ brochure.

It includes information on:

  1. Finding a pet-friendly rental
  2. Applying for and securing a pet-friendly rental
  3. Responsible renting with pets 
The steps are simple, easy to follow and based on common sense and tried and true methodology. It might be a longer journey than you might hope for, so be kind to yourself, keep a sense of humour and don’t give up. Good luck!

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