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Australian pets at risk of dehydration

New survey results from leading pet product expert, PetSafe® reveal nearly a third (30 per cent) of Australian pet owners do not know how much they should be giving their pets to drink. The surprising results means that more than 2 million cats and dogs could be at risk of dehydration.

Angela Critchley, a spokesperson for PetSafe, said the survey results raised serious concerns about pets’ wellbeing in Australia. “Dehydration can potentially result in serious health issues for pets including urinary tract infections, kidney disease and, in very extreme cases, death, especially in the harsh Australian climate,” Ms Critchley said.

“While most pet owners know how much to feed their pets, little is said about how much a pet should drink and it can be very easy for an owner to lose track and forget to refill a water bowl.”

PetSafe recommends that access to good clean water is essential to cats and dogs at all times, but it’s particularly important when it’s warm. Well-hydrated petscan better keep themselves cool compared to those that are dehydrated, which in turn helps fight off other heat related illnesses such as heatstroke.

However, in modern day busy households, making sure your pet has a constant supply of fresh water may prove challenging. It is therefore important for owners to set up a reliable and safe water source for their pets.

“Simply being proactive and placing bowls of water in several locations or investing in a pet drinking fountain will ensure pets have access to clean, fresh water all day long and avoid the serious health risks associated with dehydration,” Ms Critchley comments.

“It can be as simple as using pet products like waterers and drinking fountains. Dogs especially tend to find still water sources unappealing as they can get stagnant and old, so having an alternative drinking supply means they have access to new, fresh water even when no one is at home.”

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