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English Staffy

English Staffy Breed Information:

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier does everything full throttle: play, work and love. It is extremely courageous and obedient, affectionate with a sense of humor.

English Staffy Size:

Height: 43-50cm, Weight: 12-18kg

English Staffy Life Span:

12-14 years

English Staffy Temperament:

English Staffy’s have a great temperament and are known to be extremely courageous, loyal, playful and affectionate. They are a highly intelligent breed that tends to be easy to obedience train, however as they can have a stubborn streak you must be firm and consistent with their training. Socialisation with other dogs and people is an essential for Staffy puppies, otherwise their protective nature can be misread as an aggressive stance. They make wonderful family dogs as they are excellent with children and, as long as socialised properly, tend to get along well with other dogs. Due to their high intelligence and playful nature it is essential that they be provided with plenty of strong and durable toys, as without proper stimulation they may get bored and become destructive.

English Staffy Grooming:

English Staffy's have a short coat that will require a brush once a week, and would be best undertaken with a de-shedding brush. It is important to keep their nails trimmed to avoid impairing their walking ability, and to regularly check their eyes and ears to keep them clean and healthy.

English Staffy Exercise Requirements:

English Staffy's have a fairly high energy requirement. They will need a daily walk and lots of play time in the back yard. If they are well socialised and outgoing, it is also a good idea to take them to parks or other pet friendly areas, where they can interact with other dogs and people.

Did You Know?

In the UK English Staffy's are commonly referred to as the 'Nanny Dog' due to their eagerness and ability to assume the role of a child's nursemaid.

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