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Collars, lead, harnesses!
Dogs love to go for walks, having the correct equipment for our dog to go for a walk is very important.
To walk a dog you need different dog walking equipment.


When walking a dog you will need a collar, a lead and a harness for ease and comfort of walking the dog.

A dog collar is also important when at home as the dog collar holds an identification tag on the collar ring. This will allow a dog to be found and returned home if it escapes the back yard.

Does my dog need a collar?
Yes, your dog does need a collar. We have a large range of collars, from small puppies to large dogs; we have appropriate length and width collars.
We have thin collars for little dogs with small necks, as well as thicker collars for big dogs that need a strong collar.

We also have a range of basic colours for those that like base and neutral colours, these collars are strong and useful without being dog collars that draw attention. We also have bright coloured dog collars for people who like to stand out from the crowd and draw the attention!

What collar do I need for an active dog?
Our Ezy Dog dog collars are the perfect collar for active dogs as they are made from wetsuit material. These wet suit material dog collars are perfect for active dogs as they do not damage the coat when wet or dry.


Does my dog need a harness?
Dog harnesses are great for walking and travelling with your dog.
Dog harnesses give your dog better chest support when wearing his harness and stops a him from choking by a collar if it pulls on the lead.

How can I use a harness in the car?
A harness can be used in the car with a car restraint that is attached to the harness and the seat belt is threaded through to attach the harness to the car.

What harness stops dog pulling on the lead?
We recommend EasyWalk Harnesses for dogs pulling on the lead while going for walks. These harnesses lead from the front of the dog’s chest so the harness gives the owner more control when the dog pulls on the lead while going for walks.

A dog lead is one of the most important things you have as a dog owner. A dog leash is the safest way to restrain a dog. There are lots of options when it comes to dog leads, They can be nylon, retractable cable, elastic and chain. The different materiel of each dog lead determines how strong the leash is.

My dogs lead is too short?
If you find a standard 1.2metre leash is to short then a lead extender may come in handy, a lead extender is 61cm and connects to your 1.2 metre lead.

Can I walk 2 dogs on 1 lead?
A lead extension can be used to walk 2 dogs on one lead when using a lead extention. With the use of 2 lead extensions you can safely walk 2 dogs together on 1 lead.

How can I safely go for a run with my dog?
The use of a walking belt is great to walk or run with your dog without needing to hold the lead as it is connected to the walking belt. A walking belt can hold your lead, poo bags, tennis ball, phone, wallet and keys in the pockets of the walking belt while being completely hands free with the use of a walking belt.
A walking belt fits securely around your waist while being hands free and connecting your lead to the walking belt.