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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Critter's Comfort Coarse 20L - Previously Kritter's Crumble

SKU 59635

All Natural Coconut Husk Fibre Reptile Bedding is super absorbent with amazing, unbeatable odour elimination. Made of coconut husk (coir), a 100 percent organic, renewable and sustainable resource, Critters Comfort Reptile Bedding contains no oils, fragrances, chemicals, or anything harmful.

It is pet safe and has a soft, earth-like texture that pets instinctively prefer. Used Critters Comfort Reptile Bedding (with reptile solids removed) is a valuable resource with the properties of a peat moss and serves as an excellent soil conditioner, compost additive, or may be placed in the green waste bin for municipal recycling.