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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.


Welcome to the aquarium departmentWelcome to our Aquarium Department.
Kellyville Pets have over 300 species of marine, coldwater and tropical fish for sale as well as a selection of awesome axolotls, crazy hermit crabs, slithery snails and even yabbies. Fish make exciting pets and with the right advice are easy to look after. Come meet our fishsperts (fishy experts) and see our extensive range of fish for sale.

Don't forget to check out our aquariums. Aquariums are probably the most versatile habitats. They can be large and spectacular or small, peaceful and picturesque. A well equipped aquarium is a great showpiece for any room and your friends will be fished off that they don't have one.

We stock everything your aquarium needs… Come and browse through the huge range of outdoor ponds, tanks, rocks, pebbles, tank decoration, filtration systems, lighting, sand, aquarium plants and frozen, dry or live food.

So, whether you're starting out with a siamese fighter sitting on your coffee table, or adding to your busy aquatic collection you will find everything you need in our bubbling aquarium department. We'll even give you a fishy fact sheet on your new pet.

For peace of mind, Kellyville Pets offers a FREE two week health guarantee on all freshwater fish to ensure your fish's happy transition from our tanks to your home. 
You can also bring in your water test results for PH, Ammonia & Nitrite to cross reference with our results!

Need something for your fishy friend?