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Yabbies For Sale

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Yabbies Scientific Name: Parastacidae
Yabbies Common Name: Yabby
Yabbies Size: Up to 30cm
Yabbies Diet: Omnivore
Yabbies Water Type: Fresh
Yabbies Life Span: 5-7 years

Yabbies Care:

The Yabby is a freshwater crayfish native to Australia.
Yabbies make great aquarium pets, they are easy to fed and keep without any problems compared to fish. They eat any of the sinking fish food plus meat, fish, fruit and vegetables so just about anything.
They have gills just like fish so breath oxygen from the water so must be kept in the water just like a fish. Fill the tank completely with water, they do not need to get out of the water unless the water goes bad. An aerator or filter in the tank will keep your water fresher longer.

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