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Dial A Diet Digital Auto Feeder

SKU 10711
Make feeding your fish easier with the Aqua One Dial a Diet digital automatic fish feeder. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to feed your fish or relying on someone to feed your fish while you are on hoilday. The Aqua One Dial a Diet feeder can feed up to 5 feeds a day and up to 3 portions per feed, as well as having a clear and easy to read LCD screen with a built in digital clock. It is suitable for use with all dry aquarium food. Requires 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included)

Save valuable time and make sure that your fish never go hungry with the Aqua One Dial a Diet. This affordable and ultra-reliable auto feeder features an integrated digital timer that easily programmed to dispense the dry flakes or pellets of your choice. It enables you to establish a consistent feeding schedule, helps prevent overfeeding, and ensures that your fish get fed even when you're not around to do it yourself (e.g. vacations).

Programming the Dial a Diet is a breeze thanks to its easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly interface. It can be scheduled to feed your aquarium fish up to 5 times per day, and up to 3 portions per feeding. You can even feed different portion sizes at different times depending on the unique dietary needs of your fish. A manual mode is also included for supplementary and on-demand feeding.

The Dial a Diet's translucent hopper enables you to visually monitor the amount food left inside, so your fish never go without. The hopper is easily removed for refilling, and features a sliding door that can be adjusted to accommodate varying flake and pellet food sizes. It will hold up to 60g of your fishies favorite food, and is compatible with pellet sizes up to 3 mm.

The accurate and reliable Aqua One Dial a Diet is remarkably easy to install using the included mounting bracket. The bracket hangs onto the rim of your aquarium, and is easily secured in place with a built-in fixing/levelling screw. The Dial a Diet requires 2 x AA batteries for operation.
The Dial a Diet does come with instructions in the box, however you can program with the following tips:
Operating Instructions:

1. Remove the battery cover and insert 2AA batteries

2. Press the manual button to ensure the feeder operates correctly. Pressing the manual button will rotate once. Replace the battery cover.

3. Mount the feeder on the side of your aquarium by first sliding the mounting bracket onto the feeder motor and then placing the feeder on the side of the aquarium and securing the fixing screw so that the feeder is firmly attached.

4. Press and hold the Set button for 3 seconds. The hour display will start flashing. Set the time by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the hour (using 24 hour time) and then pressing set to switch to minutes.

5. Press set again to move to the first feeding time. The hour display will start to flash again as well as the first feeding cycle box. Set the feeding time the same way as the clock was set- pressing set to move from hour to minute.

6. Press Set again and only the feeding cycle box will flash by pressing "+" or "-", the number of rotations per feed can be set. This allows different quantities to be fed at different times. When this box is empty, the feeding time will not be used. This is to allow any number of feeding times between 1-5 to be used per day with up to 3 serves per feed.

7. Press set again to move to the next feeding time and repeat the process.

8. Remove the feeder from the mounting bracket by sliding it forwards (in the direction of the screen). Remove the food container and open the container cover. Fill the feeder with the food you wish to use. Re-assemble the feeder and place it back on the mounting bracket.

9. Adjust the feeding outlet to set the quantity of food that will be fed each rotation of the feeder. Pressing the manual button will allow you to check the quantity is correct.