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Nino's Java Bird Toy Foot Discs - 5 pack

SKU 24515

Nino’s Java foot toy discs, squares and triangles offer great entertainment for your bird.

Place one strategically in your pet’s cage or enclosure, hold it in your hand for them to chew on during up close interaction, or place it around the house for your bird to locate. No matter how you use the foot toy disc, you and your feathery friend are bound to love it.

These foot toys for birds are dyed using all natural and completely safe vegetable dye so that they appear rainbow coloured and visually interesting for your pet. Instantly attractive, birds love to explore and play with this colourful and bright product.

In addition to providing fun on its own, you can use the foot toy to further stimulate your bird’s body and mind by weaving greens or treats through it. While on its own the dry disc toy functions much like a bird biscuit or cracker, when used in conjunction with treats it gives your bird the opportunity to engage its instincts for foraging for food. 

Each pack contains five individual foot toy discs. 

Each toy is approximately 9cm in diameter. It’s important to note that because these products are naturally sourced and handcrafted, the exact dimensions will vary. 

This product may contain or develop into small pieces. We always recommend that your bird’s use of the toy is supervised.