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Freshwater Shrimp For Sale

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Freshwater Shrimp Scientific Name: Australiensis
Freshwater Shrimp Common Name: Shrimp
Freshwater Shrimp Diet: Scavengers
Freshwater Shrimp Water Type: Fresh
Freshwater Shrimp Optimum pH Level: 7- 7.8
Freshwater Shrimp Life Span: 1-3 years

Freshwater shrimp make a good addition to most aquariums due to their ability as scavengers. Many freshwater shrimp species are very good at finding even the smallest food particle hiding in the sand and can thereby help you keep the aquarium clean and the water quality high.

Freshwater Shrimp Size: 
Some of the smaller species are to be considered adult at a length of 1 inch / 2.5 cm while the larger species easily grows larger than 4 inch / 10 cm.

All freshwater shrimp moult their exoskeleton every few months as they grow larger and their old exoskeletons become too small. The shrimp are very vulnerable for a short period after moulting before their new exoskeletons harden and they can be eaten by fish that normally wouldn’t touch them, during this time. Freshwater shrimp should be offered hiding places of appropriate size. These hiding spaces keep the freshwater shrimp safe, secure and at home in the aquarium.

Freshwater Shrimp Compatibility: 

Different freshwater shrimp are suitable to keep with different companions. Small species are best kept with small peaceful species such as Raboras, Livebearers, Danios and small tetras. Small freshwater shrimp should not be kept with aggressive species or specie large enough to eat them. Larger shrimp species can be kept with larger fish species and a little more aggressive species without the shrimp taking damage from it. Avoid keeping larger predatory freshwater shrimp with smaller fish since these easily become prey for the shrimp.

Freshwater Shrimp Food: 

Most freshwater shrimp are scavengers and very easy to feed. They will accept most food types that are small enough for them to eat. Most species can be kept on a diet of flake food and the occasional portion of frozen food. Predatory freshwater shrimp can be fed pieces of fish meat as well as crab and shrimp meat. Feeding your shrimp should usually not be a problem since most freshwater shrimp are very easy to feed.

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