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FREE Shipping Available! T&C's apply.

Live Mealworms - 10g

SKU 51989

- Please note: No orders containing live mealworms will be dispatched on Thursdays or Fridays (to avoid them sitting at the depot over the weekend) or on days that are over 30 degrees as mealworms suffer in the heat. They will be dispatched the following Monday. -

Mealworms can be offered occasionally as a special treat to omnivorous reptiles and can also be fed to a range of insectivorous bird species. 

Mealworms are the larval stage of the darkling beetle and will feed on the oat bran provided in their tub. Additional bran, or vegetables such as carrot, may be added if necessary. This species can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong their longevity and postpone pupating. 

Species: Tenebrio molitor

Size: 10g, 50g & 100g.