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Forage Everyday Birdseed Small Parrot - 2kg

SKU 22377

Forage Everyday range is designed to be added to your bird’s existing diet. Use with the Gourmet range, fruit & vegetables and create your very own unique blends.

Forage blends are passionately hand made in Australia and the brand is proudly Australian owned.

INGREDIENTS: Canary seed, Japanese millet, Panorama millet, White French millet, Shirohie millet, Safflower, Grey stripe sunflower seed, Shell grit, Hulled oats, Coconut, Carrot, Linseed.


  • Canary seeds: Canary seeds are very nutritious because they have a high content of lipids, salicylic and oxalic acids, starch and little fat.
  • Shell grit: Shell grit aids in digestion of other foods, such as seed, that your bird is ingesting. It can also act as a mineral & calcium supplement when used as part of a bird’s diet every day.
  • Sunflower seeds: Packed with fat and protein, sunflower seeds are vital for keeping birds at a healthy weight. The seed also contains vitamins & minerals contributing to overall health & wellbeing. A popular tasty treat for many birds, sunflower seeds can become problematic. They are a highly fatty seed and must be consumed in moderation. Forage use an appropriate amount of sunflower seed without having to cut them out of your bird’s diet. However, for birds that must not consume sunflower seeds there are ‘light’ blend options that contain no sunflower seed.
  • Coconut: Coconut is a great healthy addition to any bird’s diet. High in fiber & saturated fats it is useful in providing energy as well as aiding in digestion and feather condition.
  • Safflower: Rich in oil and essential fatty acids, safflower can help maintain heart health and a healthy blood pressure.

Always provide water as well as fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Storage: Once opened, place in an airtight container and store somewhere cool, dry and dark.