Find out if you are ready to own a dog before you buy a puppy August 18 2016

Very happy overal, Harley is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine it without him now. Even thinking about a friend for him soon, went through puppy preschool at Kellyville pets where I would like to make a special mention that the trainer was very knowlegable and clearly knew who had dogs previously and who hadn't etc
and now to approach and discuss etc. my only question would be a process for applicants looking to purchase a puppy checking they understand what they are getting into and making sure the puppies or any pets are going to a home they will enjoy and is good for them. Overal we can't thank Kellyville lets enough, their our local vet and local shop now and plan to be there again this weekend for a few small items, might bring Harley up for a coffee as well.


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