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How do I know if my fish are sick?

How do I know if my fish are sick?

A happy and healthy fish should be active, eager to eat, have healthy fins, vibrant in colour without protruding gills, or abnormal bumps along the scales. So what happens if your fish is not active? Or your fish doesn’t eat regularly? If the fish have dull or blemished scales? These could be signs and symptoms that your fish has an aquarium disease or parasite.

Common symptoms

Symptoms for each aquarium fish disease, parasite or fungus can vary widely, but there are a few aquarium symptoms that act as a good sign that something’s wrong with your aquarium fish:

  • The fish are scratching against tank ornaments.

  • The fish looks swollen or bloated.

  • The fish are moving slowly or not moving at all.

  • The fish’s fins and tail are closed and folded.

  • The fish’s gills are moving rapidly.

  • The fish’s gills appear swollen, red or protruding.

  • The fish’s fins or tail are torn, ragged or appear damaged. 

  • The fish’s scales have blemishes or appear dull.

  • The fish are not eating, or eat less than before.

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