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What are signs of a healthy fish?

What are signs of a healthy fish?

At Kellyville Pets, we want to ensure that you own happy and healthy fish. A healthy aquarium fish tank should have:

  • Happy fish that are active and swim around the whole tank environment, and not just hide behind ornaments and plants.

  • Fish that eat regularly and move to the top of the tank quickly when food is available. A healthy fish belly should appear full but not bloated.

  • Healthy fish scales should appear clear and colourful without blemishes or dull patches. Smooth scales without bumps or blemishes are signs of healthy fish. Fish fins and tail should not appear torn and damaged and the eyes of the fish should not be bulging.

  • Healthy fish should not have protruding gills or inflamed gills. Gill movement should be regular to take in water and oxygen but not rapidly.

To keep healthy fish, you must also keep a healthy tank environment. Kellyville Pets can help with a healthy tank environment with fact sheets and also free tank water testing to ensure optimum tank water quality. A few basic ways to keep healthy tank water and healthy and happy fish include:

  • Aquarium tank water should be changed regularly. Healthy tank water should be clear, odourless and clean.

  • Aquarium filters should be cleaned regularly.

  • Aquarium temperature should be kept and maintained depending on the fish species.

  • Don’t have too many fish in one tank.

  • Ensure tank water pH is suited to fish species kept as different fish prefer different conditions.

Whilst these are basic and helpful tips, each fish species has different requirements. If you want to learn more about how to look after specific species, you can find more info by reading our fact sheets.

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