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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Pet Adoption

Have you considered adopting a pet?

Animals end up in shelters such as the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League for a number of reasons. We have worked with the Animal Welfare League NSW and other rescue organisations for many years. Animal Welfare League NSW have a dedicated team of inspectors whose priority is to ensure satisfactory care of all animals across the state, whilst providing a temporary abode to those who are looking for new forever homes.

Animal Welfare League NSW is a participant in the “Getting to Zero” campaign, which aims to decrease the percentage of euthanised healthy or treatable dogs and cats in the community. Latest statistics show that rates have dropped as low as 4% and Kellyville Pets is committed to finding the most suitable home for all animals, both young and old, and drop this statistic even further.

Thanks to the commitment of AWL NSW and other rescue organisations, along with the support of the community, Kellyville Pets has successfully rehomed more than 550 rescue pets, which includes cats, dogs, rabbits and even pythons! That number is continually growing, and it is pleasing to see these beautiful animals be given a second chance at finding their forever home.
Can you help us give these beautiful animals a second chance in life? 

Click here to meet our New Life Rescue Pets or visit the Animal Welfare League website.


If you know of a rescue organisation that is interested in being a part of the New Life Rescue Initiative please email