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Our Puppy Promise

At Kellyville Pets the welfare of the animals we sell is our primary concern. To this end we are open and transparent regarding the animals we source. Kellyville Pets encourages responsible pet ownership.

As a PIAA accredited member, Kellyville Pets ensures all of our puppies come from breeders who have partnered with us by agreeing to have their premises inspected by a veterinarian annually to make sure they comply with our high standards. We also visit some of our main breeder’s premises from time to time to see for ourselves that the standards are kept to an acceptable level and all animals are well cared for and provided with good living conditions. The most significant thing we do to ensure our breeders are ethical is that we voluntarily forward all of our breeder’s details to RSPCA and AWL so they can perform random inspections which our breeders welcome openly. Furthermore, all of our puppies are micro-chipped by the breeder so authorities can trace where they were bred for the life of the dog. As part of being a PIAA Accredited member, we provide a LIFETIME RE-HOMING policy to ensure none of our re-hom­eable dogs (at any stage in their life) will ever be euthanised. This means consumers can purchase with confidence from Kellyville Pets, knowing that your dog is not the product of a puppy farm and that should your dog become unwanted at any point in its lifetime, we will ensure the dog is re-homed. Our microchip numbers are identifiable in the extremely unlikely event that they end up at a shelter. 

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