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The Kellyville Pets Puppy Promise

Our Puppy Promise

All dogs deserve the best in life. Without a voice, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure their health, wellbeing and happiness. At Kellyville Pets we actively encourage responsible pet ownership and are committed to the wellbeing of all pets before, during and after our temporary care.

Kellyville Pets is an established family business that has been operating for over 30 years. We are a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA). This means we must abide by thorough PIAA Pet Shop Standards and Guidelines and the Department of Primary Industries Code of Practice for Breeding Dogs and Cats. Adoption of animals needing a home should always be the first option for anyone considering a new pet. But when that’s not possible, we are able to provide puppies sourced from breeders that meet the existing legislation and are actively working with them to also abide by a far more stringent code, the PIAA Breeding of Dogs and Cats Standards and Guidelines, in addition to already adhering to the existing legislation. This is one of the strictest codes of practice in Australia and would require breeders to upgrade their facilitates to comply. It is expected that all of our routine breeders will be fully compliant by the 31st December, 2018 at the latest.

Our Breeders

At Kellyville Pets we encourage people to ask questions and gather more information about where our puppies come from. We welcome the spotlight on this issue and strongly believe that asking this question first and foremost would be a huge step forward for better welfare for all companion animals, particularly dogs & puppies. 

Above: Our Managing Director along with staff members at a breeder visit.

Kellyville Pets sources all puppies from breeders who have partnered with us and; 

  • Agree to breed for health and temperament

  • Agree to have their details forwarded to welfare agencies such as RSPCA and AWL and accept random inspections

  • Agree to an annual veterinary audit of their property

  • Agree to microchip their puppies in their name, identifying them to authorities as the breeder for the life of the puppy

  • Agree to allow Kellyville Pets staff to perform periodic site inspections

  • Agree to meet the dogs behavioural, social, physical and psychological needs

This means you can get your puppy with  confidence from Kellyville Pets, knowing that your dog is not the product of a puppy farm.

Rockley Valley Park - a new state-of-the-art breeding facility

Although our breeders are going a great job, we have serious concerns about the unregulated nature of puppy farms[1] in NSW and the lack of welfare enforcement on both dog breeders and pet shops which can lead to terrible conditions for breeding dogs and their puppies. For this reason, we have become the first organisation to a state of the art facility in Bathurst.

Our fully transparent facility includes:

Large grassed exercise yards, insulated kennels with under-slab heating and socialisation yards

On-site grooming facilities and a vet inspection area

A purpose-built climate-controlled whelping facility with external exercise yards

A lifetime rehoming guarantee for all dogs, including the breeding mums which will be de-sexed and retired at around 5 years, and dads at around7 years

A training facility to teach best practice dog breeding techniques to existing and potential breeders

Customers will have the opportunity to visit the breeding facility and the RSPCA will randomly inspect operations to ensure it maintains the                    highest of animal welfare standards. 

This initiative builds on Kellyville Pets’ existing animal welfare approach which includes active support for the rehoming of shelter animals and, where shelter animals are not suitable, only sourcing puppies from breeders who agree to random inspections by the RSPCA and AWL and annual vet audits.


The Short Stay At Kellyville Pets

Our premises are voluntarily inspected by welfare authorities such as AWL to ensure we are abiding by the NSW Code of Practice for Pet Shops. We however also abide by the PIAA Retail Standards and Guidelines which is more stringent than the legally required NSW Code of Practice.

Our puppy enclosures are purpose built to provide temperature control for good health and comfort, ease of cleaning to maintain good hygiene practices and are spacious to allow exercise and play. Our puppies are handled throughout the day by staff and look forward to a good night sleep at the end of their active day.

We also have an independent onsite veterinary practice should they need additional care. All our puppies go through a 10 point health check and quarantine period before they become available to customers to ensure they are eating properly, have adjusted to a new environment and showing all the signs of a happy, healthy puppy ready to find their new home.


The New Furrever Home

Our staff work carefully to find the best match between a pet and their owner. This may on occasion result in the staff member recommending a more suitable pet or suggesting the customer take some extra time in considering their new family member before taking the next step. Customers can also conduct our online quiz to give an indication of whether they are ready for a new puppy.

At Kellyville Pets we host a variety of educational courses for both before and after the addition of your new family member. For families that are considering a furry addition, we offer the “My First Puppy” course so everyone is equipped with the knowledge of how to choose the right puppy for them and their lifestyle and what to expect with a new puppy. For families who have already made an informed decision to take the leap into puppy ownership we host a Puppy Preschool to assist with training and socialisation, so that their puppy can grow into a well behaved and well-adjusted dog.

In conjunction with the PIAA, Kellyville Pets provide a lifetime re-homing policy should circumstances change in the future. The re-homing process will either be carried out at Kellyville Pets or via the assistance of the RSPCA or AWL.



Extremely happy with all staff we have spoken to. We love the welcome Tobias gets when we are in store. Love the ethics of Kellyville Pets.” – August, 2018

"We wanted a smallish dog which doesn’t shed as our previous dog a cavalier King Charles shed a lot which made it hard. Knew we wanted a poodle/spoodle/oodle type dog but unsure which. We saw Kellyville Pets had a variety do we came to research. We had seen panda on the website so went to him. As soon as we held him we knew he was the dog for us he snuggled straight up to us. We held a cavoodle and didn’t feel the connection with that dog. Since coming home Panda has been awesome. Practically toilet trained. Doing puppy preschool. Lots of fun and very loving. We adore him! Staff at Kellyville Pets from the barista our (sic) front to all we encountered were friendly, helpful and seemed to genuinely love the job they do and the pets they look after. The girl on the cash register wanted one last cuddle before we left!" – July, 2018





 “I did a lot of research beforehand on different puppy breeds, however the staff were excellent in answering my questions abou (sic) cockaliers. I think everything they told me has come true and my puppy is amazing.” – January, 2018


“I was impressed by how thorough staff were when we decided to purchase our puppy. I could tell staff were making sure this wasn't a quick decision and were ensuring we knew what we were in for raring (sic) a puppy. We have rared (sic) many pups and kittens (and two baby birds) so are not new to young animals but I felt it was great that they took pet ownership so seriously - they were not eager to make a sale - they wanted to ensure our pup would be well cared for” – June, 2017


Prior to my purchase I spoke to variety of staff members in small animals such as Josh and Monique. I found them and all the staff to be not only extremely knowledgeable but also had geniune care to ensure you made the correct choice. I would and have already recommended Kellyville Pets to others and cannot thankyou enough for our adorable, much loved and very spoilt spoodle. She fits into our family perfectly. March, 2017


“The purchase process was great. The staff told me everything I would need for Bart & it could be purchased there. They arranged the final check with the vet strait (sic) away as I came from the central coast & it would be difficult returning the next day. It was very hard choosing Bart but I think he chose me in the end. Bart is loved to bits by the grand kids & gets very excited when they come to visit. He has settled in so well & is great company for myself & my retired partner. He is never alone for long” – December, 2016. 



“We have been looking for a cavoodle that would fit in well with our diverse family. When we arrived, the staff were both knowledgeable, helpful and supportive through the whole process. I highly recommend this store as I don't go anywhere else for my pet needs” – October, 2016


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[1]The RSPCA’s definition of a puppy farm is “the intensive dog breeding facility that is operated under inadequate conditions that fail to meet the dogs behavioural, social and/ or psychological needs”.