Do you need your aquarium or pond maintained in your office or home?

Kellyville Pets will come to your home or office and look after all your aquarium and pond servicing. We offer fish tank maintenance service in Sydney on any fish tank be it cold water, tropical or marine, any outdoor pond or water feature.

Looking for fish tank cleaning service prices?

Our fish tank maintenance service, Sydney wide, includes pond, aquarium and tank maintenance. We will come to your house and maintain your tropical or marine tank on a regular basis. We offer regular cleaning service of your aquarium tank or pond. We also offer a custom install service of your tank.

Need help cleaning a fish tank?

Our regular fish tank cleaning service in Sydney is affordable and value for money.

Our standard aquarium maintenance Sydney service includes the following:

Gravel vacuum clean
Glass algae scrub
Complete water test
Up to date records of all testing and dosing

Filter management

Nothing is too small or too big for the team here at Kellyville Pets. We’re happy to maintain holiday fish feeding whilst you’re away! 

With free on-site quotes and measure ups for custom tanks you can be confident in our Aquarium department to give you what you’re after. Ask them about custom aquarium design and tank setup; they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Office relocating, or simply moving house? We can help you with the relocation of your aquarium. Installation of tanks and plumbing is also available. We can even install and maintain tanks in pubs and casinos as well as aquascaping both fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds.

Why not take advantage of the personal service and have your fish and Aquarium accessories delivered to your home or business at the same time as your next scheduled service. Eftpos payments are available as well as on account options for businesses.

With over 30 years experience in fish keeping and husbandry, we offer professional advice and service. For more information on how we can help you look after your tank contact us or call our Fish Tank Maintenance Department 0437 345 435.