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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Healthy & Ethically Bred

Our reptiles are healthy and ethically bred, many of which are bred right here at Kellyville Pets. Keep an eye about when you visit next, you may be lucky enough to witness a baby emerging from its egg!

We are completely transparent with all our breeding programs and husbandry protocols and are independently audited by the RSPCA, AWL and NPWS. We don't just meet their minimum required standards, we far exceed them. 

Health Guarantee

All of our reptiles come with a health guarantee.
Our babies are in tip-top health and absolutely
thriving before we’re happy to let them leave our store.

Our staff will keep in touch with you after you get your new pet home to answer any questions that you may have along the way.  

Feeding Guarantee

Our feeding guarantee lets you know that we’ve spent plenty of time raising our hatchlings, to ensure they’re strong feeders. 

Every reptile from KP goes home with a comprehensive care pack, that includes all the relevant information required to hep your new family member settle in. If you ever need any further assistance, we're just a phone call away. 

Cooling-Off Period

We thoroughly screen all potential 'reptile parents' before allowing one of our babies to go to a new home. With this in mind, we understand that reptile keeping isn't for everyone.

We want the very best for our reptiles and since taking a new pet home is a huge commitment, and sometimes things don’t work out, we offer a 7 day cooling-off period.

Lifetime Rehoming Guarantee

If your circumstances do change down the track, Kellyville Pets will always take in pets from our store, at any point in the animal’s life with our Lifetime Re-homing Guarantee.

Rescues & Adoption Days

And it wouldn’t quite be the Kellyville Pets difference without our reptile rescues and our reptile adoption days. We love working with rescue groups to give reptiles in need a second-chance.

We really do love pets!

Did we mention that we have loads of amazing reptile products? 

What our customers SAY


"These guys are amazingly knowledgeable, have impressive set ups and really seem like they know what they're doing. We bought a bearded dragon and helped us get through the issues we had with professionalism and practical advice.
Well done guys."


"I brought a cabinet online for our bearded dragon. The cabinet was great but the service and speed of delivery was even better. We received a handwritten personalised card addressed to myself and our pet.. that little bit of time and effort puts a smile on your face.. great service even though it was all done on line. Keep up the great work.."


"Amazing staff that are always willing to help find a product and educate customers. They responsibly sell pets and genuinely care about the wellbeing of the animals rather than making a sale. They have a wide range that accommodates every fuzzy or scaly critter. It's always fun to visit Kellyville Pets."


"Best pet store in Sydney. The only place to go if you're buying a reptile or reptile supplies. Don't settle for dodgy sellers or supplies online, go to Kellyville and get yourself a healthy pet, proper supplies and the right advice."


"This pet store is amazing, everything living seems to be looked after, and the staff make sure people know how to look after a pet before taking home. Great customer service, and a huge variety of everything!! Keep doing what you're doing! Thumbs up"


"The staff is very professional and fully aware of the animal welfares. We intended to buy a short-necked turtle, but after the detailed explanation from the staff we know we are not ready yet and went back to prepare. Thanks for putting the animal's life environment in front of the econimic profit!"