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Small Animal Feeding Accessories

Here at Kellyville pets we carry the best quality feeding and watering accessories for your small animals. We have food bowls for rabbits, bowls for guinea pigs, interactive feeding bowls for rats and mice and ferrets.


All our rodent water bottles are designed to keep your small animals water fresh and clean for an entire day.

Food bowls for small animals need to be heavy and a strong material. Rabbits and guinea pigs have large strong teeth and given the chance will knaw on their food bowls. This is a very natural instinct as their teeth are always growing. Rabbits and guinea pigs need to chew on lots of things to wear their teeth down. To prevent them destroying their rabbit food bowl it is a good idea to get a strong, heavy guinea pig food bowl made from ceramic. Rabbit are extremely strong so a heavy rabbit bowl is a must to stop them carrying or knocking over their food bowl.

Rats and mice don’t need a food bowl quite as heavy but ceramic food bowls are still a good idea for rats. Food bowls for rats and mice can also be elevated with a hide underneath. Elevated rodent bowls are good for small cage as they serve two purposes, as a bowl and a hide underneath.

Small animal water bottles

Rabbit water bottles are a great way to keep your small animals water clean. Guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice all love to carry litter or nesting material into their water bowls so having water in a bottle is a better way to guarantee the water will stay clean. A small animal water bottle should be placed in the cage where the dropper is easily accessed. The water bottle valve should not be touching the ground as this will cause the water to leak out.

Water bottles work by having a small ball at the end of a long steel tube. The ball cannot fall out but creates a seal on the rodent water bottle so water does not drip from it. When the rabbit, or small animal licks the ball it moves and the seal is broken so water can drip into the pet’s mouth. As soon as the small animal stops licking the ball the seal is made and no more water can drip from the water bottle.

Water bottles leaking

It’s very common for owners to think their pets water bottle is broken because it is seems to be leaking. Rodent water bottles leak when first filled as they work like a vacuum so some water needs to drip out to create pressure at the top so water can drip freely when the seal is broken by the small animal to access water.

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    Make meals fun with this gorgeous ceramic bowl with carrot details. Your pet will eat in style!  Size: 12.0cm diameter