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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Pond Pumps & Accessories

Keeping a pond clean can be easy when you use the right equipment. It is very important to keep your pond clean as to prevent mosquitos or other insects from breeding in the water and to create a safe clean living environment for your fish or other pond species. Pond wan be a great way to encourage native animals like birds and frog to come to your property so making sure the water they are bathing in and drinking is clean is also a priority. Here at Kellyville pets we have all the pond pumps and accessories needed available online and in store.


Pond pumps- The low voltage fountain pumps are a low voltage option for peace of mind. They come with a full range of fountain accessories. Sizes- 1000L, 2500L, 4000L

Pond pump with fountain- features a proven quality design. It comes with a full range of fountain accessories and adaptors for non-submersible use in your pond. Threaded intake to adapt optional sponge prefilters. Suitable for fresh and salt water applications. Sizes 1200L, 2500L, 4000L

Pond lighting-

High quality white LED lighting for your pond or garden. Ideal for underwater pond and garden lighting. The new generation pond and Garden light has arrived, combining latest technology “chip” LED design with high quality glass reinforced plastic, this light is ultimate for any garden owner.

Sensors can be used on pond lights, Use this high quality photocell light sensor to turn your lighting on and off automatically. Easy to use, senses when it is night time to switch on your lights.

Pressure filters and clarifiers-

For any pond it is important to have a filter running at all times to remove debris, insect larvae and algae from the pond.

With the use of a UV clarifier built in the filter algae can be broken down and clear water pumped back into your fish pond.

Pond fountains-

Using a pond fountain in a fish pond is a great way to make you’re fish pond an eye grabbing feature in your yard and also to keep the pond water moving. Stagnant water will invite insects to lay eggs in your fish pond and also for algae to grow out of control. Movement in the water will prevent insect larvae and also prevent algae build up in your pond.

Pond nets-

It is a good idea to keep a net over your fish pond, especially if you have fish living in your fish pond. A net with stop debris landing in your pond and will also prevent predators such as birds and cats catching your fish to eat. Pond nets come in varying sizes and all include fixing pegs to secure your pond net over your fish pond. Sizes of pond net include 3x2m, 3x4m, and 6x4m.

Waterfall pump- to create a beautiful waterfall in your fish pond you will need to set up a waterfall pump. A waterfall pump sucks water from the pond and releases the water into a beautiful waterfall to cascade back into your pond.