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Dog Car Accessories

We as dog owners love to travel with our dog where ever we go. And of course that means taking your dog in the car.
Car accessories available online or in store at Kellyville Pets are a great way to take your dog along for the ride, having your dog safely contained and protecting your other prized possession (your car).


Dogs travelling on the cars Back seat
To have your dog safely and happily riding on your cars back seat a few car accessories may be used. A backseat car hammock would work wonders to protect your seat fabric and also the back of your cars from seats from dog fur and saliva. Back seat car hammocks also include a zip so a person can also use the back seat with the hammock in place, holes for seatbelts so your passenger or connection for your dog’s harness can be secured. And pockets for storing balls, leads, water bowls etc.
A dog zip line has a nylon webbed line which simply attaches between the two rear seatbelts or rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run.
To stop dogs from travelling from the cars back seat into the front seat through the gap between the front car seats, a back seat barrier may need to be used. This barrier helps to keep you distraction free while driving, and keeps your dog safely out of the front of the car.
Dogs travelling on the car’s Front seat
For the front car seat, a car accessory that dogs could use sky box for little dogs. This little dog basket is strapped to the top of the front passenger seat so a little dog can sit comfortably and securely while being about to see out of the front windscreen. This may aid in preventing car sickness.
Another dog car accessory for the front seat is a passenger seat cover. This will prevent damage to the upholstery and also prevent dog fur or dog smells getting stuck to the car seat. These passenger seats also have 2 handy pockets for storing poo bags, leads, CDs etc.
A door guard can be used when a dog is travelling in the front or back seat of a car. These protect the doors from claw marks, chewing and saliva.

Dogs travelling in 4WD's, station wagons or mini vans
If you don’t like your dog in a crate or carrier you can use a car boot cape which will protect the carpet on the floor and walls of your cars boot and also protect the back of the back car seats. Two split zippered sections mean that you can have the rear seats up, down or one up and one down. Don't forget, dogs travelling in cars should always wear a restraint!

Getting a dog in and out of the car
If you dog will not willingly jump in or out of the car and you cannot lift your dog into the car or carry you dog out, how will you get your dog in and out?
The use of a dog car ramp is best for these occasions. Folding away into lightweight, easy to store, with handle 2.75kg parcel. Dog ramps are great for any trip in the car and can be stored permanently in the car to be used to the dog out at the end of a trip after reaching your destination.
The dog ramp available online or in store at Kellyville pets can easily hold up to 40kg max and is 152cm in length.