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Charities Kellyville Pets support

Here at Kellyville Pets, we support many organisations such as AWL NSW, Orangutan Centre and Zambi to name a few!


Kellyville Pets is committed to finding the most suitable home for all animals, both young and old. Thanks to the commitment of AWL staff, and the support of the community, Kellyville Pets has successfully re-homed more than 320 cats and a number of rabbits and guinea pigs! That number is continually growing, and it is pleasing to see these beautiful animals be given a second chance at finding their forever home.

Rise of the eco-Warriors DVD can be purchased here at Kellyville Pets and just by purchasing your copy, you are contributing to the day- to- day running costs and care of the Orangutans as all proceeds from the DVD will go directly to the Sintang Orangutan Centre in Borneo.

Zambi Wildlife Retreat will become Australia's first and only animal welfare establishment that can Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and offer Shelter to a wide range of species. While our focus will be on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, we will also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife. 

Emergency rescue is available across all species. Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, saftey and dignity to all animals in our care. LOTL Rescue, established in 2012, is the founding company of Zambi Wildlife Retreat.

Here at Kellyville Pets we offer wing clipping as a service for a gold coin donation. All wing clipping donations we receive go to the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society which is a not-for-profit, independent conservation organisation working to conserve black cockatoos through the rehabilitation, revegetation, education, and research.

The Society was incorporated in 2006 by Founding Member, Glenn Dewhurst, and relocated to the current Kaarakin site in 2008, when demand for the Society’s services outgrew Glenn’s home. Although we are not open to the general public, tour days run twice a year and private guided tours can be arranged for a donation to the centre.

Greyhounds are really friendly dogs and so make great pets!

Greyhounds As Pets is a not-for-profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW. The program aims to provide families with a pet that is ideally suited to their needs, while giving those Greyhounds not suited to racing, or ready to retire from their life as an athlete, a new home.