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Dog Health & Wellbeing

Here at Kellyville pets we have everything your dog needs to live a long happy life. Right from newborn with milk supplements for female dogs that cannot feed or have abandoned their puppies, to adulthood when accidents can occur with cuts and grazes. Everyday health and wellbeing using multi vitamin supplements or specific needs supplements right up until later in a dog’s life and elderly dogs needing help to stay comfortable with aging and uncomfortable joints.

Puppy Milk supplements-
If your dog has given birth to puppies and for some reason the dog cannot feed her puppies, she may have passed away during the birth, has not been maternal towards her puppies or was too young to know how to care for them appropriately, all is not lost for the puppies.
Puppy milk formula may not be as good as a mother’s milk but like human baby formula will be adequate to provide the puppies with a great nutritional start in life.

Biolac puppy milk formula or Di Vetalact milk supplement contain elevated levels of many vitamins, minerals and fully digestible carbohydrates and proteins to give puppies the best possible nutrition when their mother’s milk is not available.
Di Vetalact milk supplement can be used for puppies, kittens, rodents, livestock and Australian native animals and is available in store at Kellyville pets or online.

Sometimes dogs do not get adequate amounts of vitamins or minerals in their day to day diet so it can be added with a supplements.
At Kellyville pets we have a variety or available multivitamins and dietary supplements to suit a dog’s needs.

Dog multi vitamin
Some dogs may need an increase in most essential vitamins and minerals. PAW Multi+Tryptophan would be beneficial to these dogs.
As a chewable tablet this dog multi vitamin is easy dosage and easy to administer to your dog.
PAW Wellness + vitality is another great multivitamin containing the goodness from whole foods to promote your dog’s overall health.

Nutripet is another high concentrate vitamin paste.
Dog Vitamin paste is highly palatable so the dog will just lick it off your hand or can be mixed with the dogs food.

Dogs with flaked skin
If your dog has flaked skin or a dry coat it could because there is not enough omega 3 or omega 6 in its diet.
An oral supplement such as PAW Dermega Omega 3 & 6 supplement for dogs may be what you need. With fresh fish oil, flaxseed and linseed oil, this skin and coat supplement will make the dogs’ skin beautifully nourished and dogs coat thick and shiny.
PAW Skin, coat and nails aid also contains high levels of omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin, shiny coat and strong nails.

Dog Digestive aid
Some dogs suffer from sensitive stomachs, this could mean the dog has lots of wind, the dog may vomit regularly or your dog could suffer from diarrhoea. All these things are messy for the owner and painful or uncomfortable for the dog.
A product such as PAW Digesticare is a great tasting powder which is simply sprinkled onto the dogs’ food. Digesticare for dogs with upset stomachs uses fermented superfoods such as spirulina, alfalfa and quinoa to promote a health dog gut.

Dog Skin Calming gel
Some dogs suffer common skin irritations from moist rolls on bulldogs to hot spots on long haired dog in the summer.
A dog skin irritation ointment can be applied as often as required to take the sting or burn out of a dogs irritation.

Dog Joint support supplement
Particular breeds of dogs can suffer badly from poor joint health from any age. Large breed dogs or dogs with genetic bone and joint conditions (Dachshunds, Great Danes) may suffer from poor joint health. With the aid of a dog joint supplement a dog suffering joint pain may be relived of some pain.
PAW Osteocare Joint Health supplement will work as a long term preventative of poor joint health in dog.
PAW Osteocare Joint Health supplement are also suitable for dogs who enjoy high levels for physical activity, recovering from injury or recovering from surgery. This joint support comes in a tablet or a chewable tablet.

Virbac Rapigel is another suitable product for joint and muscle pain in dogs. Rapigel is a gel that is applied directly to the dogs’ skin on top of an inflamed muscle or sore joint.
Open wounds on dogs
Some dogs are more excitable and playful than others sometimes resulting in minor cuts, scratches and grazes on the dog’s skin. If I dogs wound does not require veterinary attention it’s still very important for a dog’s owner to care and treat a dogs graze with antiseptic and to stop potential infection.

Constipated dog
Some dogs on a low fibre diet can get constipated. To ease constipation in dogs a laxative gel can be used. Highly palatable Laxapet paste for dogs is a great product to ease constipation in dogs.
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