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Aussie Bulldog Breed Information:

Great family companion enjoying affection from its owners. Laid back easy going nature, while having good watch dog abilities. Very stable in nature with a predictable character. Enjoys playing in the water. Best to start obedience training and socialization at an early age.

Aussie Bulldog Size:

Height: 45-50cm, Weight: 24-34kg

Aussie Bulldog Life Span:

10-15 years

Aussie Bulldog Temperament:

The Australian Bulldog is a medium sized dog that loves being part of a family. The Aussie Bulldog is intelligent, loving and loyal with a sound temperament. Good with children and fun-loving, this breed is pretty easygoing. It will enjoy playing with a ball or Frisbee and loves to play or swim in water. It is a good watch dog but not a guard dog, though its appearance can be a deterrent.

Aussie Bulldog Grooming:

The smooth, fine, short haired coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and bathe only when necessary. Wipe the face with a clean damp cloth every day to clean inside the wrinkles. 

Aussie Bulldog Exercise Requirements:

Aussie Bulldogs need plenty of exercise which includes long daily walks.