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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Ponds and Water Features

Here at Kellyville Pets, we have all of your pond and water feature needs; from the pond itself to some beautiful water features, rocks and decor. For pond accessories, please click here.

Please note: Due to the size and weight, these items are available for pick-up in-store only. For more information please give one of our friendly aquarium staff a call on 9629 3282. We would be delighted to help!

At Kellyville pets we have a huge range of ponds and water features to suit any yard, display and style. Our universal rock waterfalls and water features are a class all their own, they are stylish and create a wow factor for any pond, they can be stacked on top of each other for larger, higher waterfalls and even used for natural pools.


Water features-

Universal rocks readymade waterfalls and fountains, complete with their water outlet fittings already installed in the waterfall, all you need to do is push your tubing on one end and push the other end of the tubing onto your pump. We suggest using a real rock of matching colour to the waterfall, to disperse the water as it comes out of the water source, placing other real rocks and pebbles can also help channel or redirect the water flow over the waterfall as desired.

Lightweight products give you the ability to create what nature does naturally. Have a balanced landscape full of variety, rocks large and small. This is often very hard to achieve with real rocks due to their weight. By using large to small rocks in your garden, as with low to tall plants, this will help in creating the various dimensions in a garden that make it an inspiring experience.

Natural Ponds-

These preformed ponds are the beautiful alternative to an expensive and ugly question. Made from the same durable material, these are meant to last! Our ponds are dig in ready and are water tested, no liners required. Safe for fish and water plants, ponds are the perfect catchment for one of our gorgeous waterfalls.

Plastic ponds-

Simple plastic ponds can either be placed above ground or dug underground for a more natural look. Made of thick black plastic and completely water fast. Plastic ponds are available in 3 sizes- 105cm x 72 x 30cm - 227 litres, 130cm x 85 x 48cm - 530 litres and 175cm x 120 x 60cm-1260litres

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