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Keeping Elderly Dogs warm In Winter

Elderly dogs are most likely to feel winter and suffer much worse during cold months than most young spritely dogs, but there are a few easy measures that can be taken to keep the older members of your family aging gracefully and happily.

Anyone who has an elderly dog knows that early morning is generally the hardest part of their dogs day. Elderly dogs tend to suffer from Arthritis as they get older and can struggle to get up out of bed at any time but mornings tend to be the hardest time. This is because the joints are cold.Dog snuggled in blankets

Arthritis prevention -
is the key to begin with.

Bedding - The simplest way to make sure your elderly dog is comfortable year round is with a bad that is supportive of their needs. There are even beds specifically designed with elderly or Arthritic dogs in mind. 

Keeping Warm - sometimes simply sleeping inside just is not enough for aging dogs.Some older dogs may need a heat mat under their beds or something warm to snuggle up to, as we all know hot water bottles are not safe to use around dogs. A safe alternative to a hot water bottle would be pet specific heat pads.

Clothing - Jumpers and Coats are another great way to keep your elderly dog warm, remember, dog coats are not just a novelty—for many dogs they're a necessity. So don't feel embarrassed buying one for your dog. With the right cold-weather gear, winter can really be a wonderland for your dog. To adequately protect your dog from the cold, the coat should fit snugly and completely cover your dog's stomach (except with a male dog) and end at the base of the tail, keeping his legs free so he can walk, run, and relieve himself. 

Diet - Not many dog owners realize how much a dogs diet can affect their elderly dogs well-being. To feed a dog is not to simply give them the nourishment to get through he day but to also create life long health and mobility. It is important for elderly dogs particularly to have access to a diet which is high in glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and also high levels of fatty oils from proteins for healthy skin and coat.