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What do our customers have to say about Kellyville Pets?

Below are some of the customer feedback we have received about Kellyville Pets

Louise G. - "Dear Kellyville Pets, Just a quick note to say thank you for the speedy delivery! I ordered on Tuesday and the order was here on Wednesday!!! It was great value too!
Oh and thanks for the lollies! Thank you!" January 2015

Don G. - "Just a thank you for the great price and on line service for the X Large Bono Fido Dog Bed.
It arrived safely this morning and my dog Charlie is test driving it now" August 2014

Steve C. - "What is there not to like. Great range. Awesome pets and the staff are amazing. Was there just last weekend and all the staff had smiles on their faces and were eager to help and chat. Went to two other shops that day (not pet shops) and there was a huge difference in customer service. You guys could teach many companies how to do customer service well. Special mention to the reptile and invert department." June 2014

Chris L. - "Why? Friendly knowledgeable staff, a wide range of products, a wide range of both family friendly *and* more exotic pets along with the products needed to keep those pets in top class condition What *really* impresses me is the care the staff give the pets in their care before they find their new owners and the first class conditions in which they are kept. Lastly, it isn't enough for staff to be 'knowledgeable' it's important they are able to give their time to individual customers to explain the requirements of each and every pet in the store. I honestly can't fault them which is why we come back again, and again, and again." June 2014

Simone C. -
"Because you literally have anything and everything for all my scaly, feathered and furry babies!!
At the best prices! I travel very far just to come to your store and wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you for being awesome!" June 2014

Tabatha H. - "Kellyville Pets has great staff, products, promotions and atmosphere plus a cafe plus they support AWL plus they support homeless pet posts via Facebook plus they support lost pets posts plus have club discounts plus plus plus much more !" June 2014

Simon D.
"Kellyville Pets
Its the place to go,
The staff are friendly
And in the know.
For your furry, scaly
Or feathery friend,
On Kellyville Pets
You can depend.
For great advice,
Service and products
(Yeah...good luck finding a suitable word that rhymes with products)" June 2014

Julie W. - "I purchased a kitten there 20 years ago,he lived to be 18,and passed nearly 2 years ago,he was a much loved family pet..So i have very fond memories of Kellyville Pets xx It's a great store love it" June 2014

Stuart S. - Hi guys, Put an order in last night for some light and I have received them the very next day. Just like to say what a great way to serve/help your customers. I am over the moon with how fast the item came and can't wait to shop more with you guys online. July 2014

Rebecca S - Re Marshall. He is very happy in his new home. From the first night he wasn't scared at all, and has well and truly made himself at home. My brother who was never a cat person adores him. Thank you for the good work you are doing on behalf of AWL in rehoming these pets :) July 2014

Judi K - Hi folks, Just want to say a very sincere thankyou for your exceptionally prompt delivery of my dog bed. Ordered yesterday, received this morning - interstate too, couldn't believe it! The great price was a bonus. Kellyville Pets will be my first port of call next time my dog needs anything, without reservation. I'll most certainly be recommending your online shop to everyone. Thanks from myself and Hudson. (I'm very happy for you to add my feedback to your reviews if you wish to do so.) July 2014

Ashley V - We went to your store yesterday for the first time and we purchased a puppy - Maltese Shih Tzu) Savannah served us. I would just like to say a big thank you to her. Her wealth of knowledge was outstanding and her customer service was fantastic.
She was very pleasurable to deal with and we shall return to the shop again from our excellent experience.
July 2014

Thank you so very much to everyone for your kindest comments. Without the love and support from customers like you, we would not be able to keep doing what we love day after day.

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