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Kellyville Pets has a strong emphasis on promoting responsible pet ownership to current and future pet owners. We have a purpose built Pet School in-store where we run education courses on reptiles, puppy pre-schools, K9 junior schools and parrot pre-schools.

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Or do you need some information now? Download one of our handy Fact Sheets below:


Small animal care guides including how to look after mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets.

Dog breed guides including general facts about dogs, dog temperament and common health issues in various dog breeds like Labradors, Cavoodles, Moodles, Pugs and King Charles Cavaliers.

Cat breed guides including general facts about cats, cat temperament and common health issues in various cat breeds like Birmans, Burmese, Domestic, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold and Siamese.

Ferrets - Fact Sheet Are you ready to take a puppy home?
Ferrets - Fact Sheet K9 Junior School
Puppy Guide - Fact Sheet Puppy Guide
Puppy PreSchool - Fact Sheet Puppy Pre-School

House train your puppy

How to keep Pets cool on hot days

Surviving Christmas with your Pet

How to keep your dog from getting bored

How do I protect my Rabbit from Myxomatosis?

Where do we get our puppies from?


Reptile care guides including how to look after bearded dragons, spiders, snakes, frogs and lizards.

Reptile Care Guides

Diamond Python - Fact Sheet Diamond Pythons
Silkworm - Fact Sheet Silkworms

What to do when you find a snake in your garden

Keeping Silkworms


Ferrets - Fact Sheet African Greys - Fact Sheet
Budgies- Fact Sheet Budgies
Canary - Fact Sheet Canaries
Chickens- Fact Sheet Chicken Care Guide
Cockatiel- Fact Sheet Cockatiels
Cockatoo - Fact Sheet Cockatoos
Bird Health Problems - Fact Sheet Bird Health Problems
Feeding your Bird - Fact Sheet Feeding Your Bird
Finch - Fact Sheet Finches
Galah - Fact Sheet Galahs
Green Cheek Conure - Fact Sheet Green Cheek Conures
Signs of Illness - Fact Sheet Health Examinations and Recognising Signs of Illness
Introducing Birds - Fact Sheet Introducing Birds To Your Aviary
Lorikeet - Fact Sheet Lorikeets
Lovebird - Fact Sheet Lovebirds
Macaw - Fact Sheet Macaws
The Moult - Fact Sheet Moult and Insect Control
Parrot Pre School - Fact Sheet Parrot Pre-School Brochure
Princess Parrot - Fact Sheet Princess Parrots
Quaker Parrots - Fact Sheet Quakers Parrots
How to Sprout Seed - Fact Sheet Seed Sprouting and Pellets
Ferrets - Fact Sheet Setting Up An Aviary
Ferrets - Fact Sheet Sun Conures
Ferrets - Fact Sheet Why a Handraised Bird
Your New Bird- Fact Sheet
Your New Bird

Keeping Chickens as Pets

Fish care guides including general facts about aquarium maintenance, setting up your pond, as well as how to look after Goldfish, Jellyfish, Axolotls and Siamese Fighting Fish.

Fish Care Guides
Cichlids - Fact Sheet Cichlids
Live bearers and Tetras - Fact Sheet
Livebearers and Tetras
Setting up an Aquarium - Fact Sheet
Setting Up Your Aquarium
Setting up a Pond - Fact Sheet
Setting Up Your Pond

Feeding your fish while on holiday